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A Children of God's Grace (Beauty for Ashes)
By Jettie C. Hess

Who are these that fly to Christ's bosom as doves of the valleys but they who believe all that He has given them of salvation, faith and life? These are the children of grace who live among the valleys of everyday existence. Yet, they are prosperous beyond the vast wealth of the earth - their salvation is secure, a heavenly inheritance awaits them, and their spiritual blessings are more abundant than the glow of a radiant sunlight. God has given them a spirit of power, and of love, and of a strong mind; they know an inward and spiritual grace, a death unto sin, and a new birth unto righteousness... Yes, BEAUTY FOR ASHES.

The Lord has favorably received these children and granted unto them remission of sin. They no longer follow after sin, for Christ does not follow after it; He died unto sin once, and they are henceforth dead to it. He was raised by the glory of the Father, and they are raised with Him into righteousness, and acceptance, and joy everlasting.

The Lord has bestowed upon the children of grace the Holy Spirit, giving them the blessing of eternal life, and has made them partakers of His eternal kingdom. They gladly renounce the vain pomp and glory of the world, with all its covetous desires of the same, and the sinful desires of the flesh. Praying always with thanksgiving, they ask God's mercy that all their sinful affections may die, and all things pertaining to the Spirit may live. Yes, because Christ lives, they live, and their destiny is identified with that of their Lord; His life is the model of their own experience.

We are grateful for God's sweet love
And His goodness, rich beyond compare
We are grateful for His mercy --
Being delivered from deep dark despair.

Copyright Jettie C. Hess.

Jettie C. Hess is a committed Christian author. She is founder and publisher of The Love of Christ Journal,, and

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