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God Answers All Prayers!
By Paul Murphy

Did you ever ask God for something impossible? Well, I did and His answer blew me away.

In 1994 my mother, Dorothy, passed away from a hard fought battle with cancer. For someone who gave a lot to her church, a new minister did not do her justice at her funeral, not that she would expect it. He made no effort to even find out about Mom and gave the standard, intended to comfort, litany that Dorothy had accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior and was now with God. Please do not misunderstand, I feel sorry for priests, pastors or ministers who are called to eulogize someone they do not remotely know and have to perform a funeral service for them. Unfortunately for our family, this was one of those times. The following year a Special Education teacher for our school system, Martha Jane Doriot, passed away from a long struggle with cancer. My assistant and I attended her memorial service officiated by Father Steven Majoros at St. Joseph's Catholic Church. We arrived about a half-hour early and sat close to the front.

A Child Like Prayer

As we waited, not being Catholic I could not help but admire the church's old-world architecture, as well as the large, lifelike statues of various saints, the Virgin Mary and our Lord Jesus in the front of the sanctuary. As I sat waiting for the service to begin my mind began to wander. As I looked at the statues I began to think about my mother and how comforting it would be to know that she was all right. I silently prayed, God, even though I do not deserve your answer, if Mom is with you could you just wiggle a toe or finger on one of the statues. I know it is too much to ask for one of them to wink, but just a little sign, even if it is a hallucination I'll understand.

A Kindly Priest Cares

Father Majoros brought me back to reality by beginning the service saying that he had only known Martha Jane Doriot for a little less than a year since he was new to the parish. Martha Jane had told him of her cancer and that she would attend church as long as she physically could. He, in turn, had told her that he would minister to her when she could no longer come. During the last two months of her life he did just that. He mentioned the many fine qualities about her, in particular her keen interest in horses and children. He came to know her quite well.

Not a Twitch, Not a Wink, but God Spoke Out Loud

As he was finishing his eulogy he said that Martha Jane Doriot had completely accepted that Jesus Christ was her Lord and Savior. He stopped, looked at those in attendance and finished by saying, "I promise you that today Dorothy is with God." He restated, "I can guarantee you that Doro-I mean that Martha Jane is with God."

A Simple Prayer Answered

My heart stopped. I knew what I had heard; he had said that my mother, Dorothy, is with God. My assistant confirmed that my ears had not betrayed me and that the Holy Spirit had just spoken to me through this kindly priest that my mother truly was with God. What an answer to my childlike prayer.

Copyright Paul Murphy.

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