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Just what does it mean...?
By Gary Christensen

"Quench not the Holy Spirit." (I Thess. 5:19)

This is one of the shortest verses in the Bible, just below: "Jesus wept." (John 11:35)

I've never really understood this verse prior to this week. I didn't understand what "quench" meant,... I didn't know just how it was to be applied to the Spirit of God.

This week I was meditating on this verse,... and I asked (as is my custom)... I guess I just asked God, "What does that mean?" And I immediately got the image of a campfire,... that is being PUT OUT... by a bucket of water that is being thrown upon it! The fire is quenched!

Imagine The Holy Spirit being like that fire. If water can PUT OUT, or cool off a camp-fire,what puts out,... or drowns,... or "cools off" the Spirit of God?

Water is the ENEMY of fire. Water is the OPPOSITE of fire. So, what IS the ENEMYof the Holy Spirit? What is the OPPOSITE of the Spirit of God? You probably have already guessed,... the enemy of the Spirit is the Flesh. "Walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit." (Romans 8:2)

Every moment, we're doing either one or the other: If your thoughts & actions are directed at PLEASING the flesh, you are walking at, or toward, or with the flesh! If your thoughts & actions are toward PLEASING the Spirit, then you are walking in, or with The Spirit!

We're either serving The Spirit of God, or we are serving our fleshly desires.

So, to QUENCH the Spirit, all you do is GIVE IN, or YIELD to the desires of your flesh.

Believers should, however, be constantly QUENCHING our flesh!

If we are PUTTING OUT the flame of the flesh,... then we are pleasing The Spirit! So, let's ask, "How does one PUT OUT the fires of the desires of the flesh?" Your flesh always WANTS to be satisfied! It wants it's needs met! It wants to be your Master!

It can ONLY be your master, if you give in to the flesh! Resist it! "Resist the devil and he will flee!" Submit to God & you will NOT be AVAILABLE to submit to the flesh! Jesus said it, "You can NOT serve TWO Masters!" (Matt. 6:24)

We choose each day which Master we will serve. I choose to serve Jesus this day! I start off each day "talking to God." I start off with: "Thank You, Lord, for this new day. I want to Glorify YOU this day! Help me to walk with you, to speak for you, to live for YOU, today." Joshua said it, too: "Choose you this day whom you will serve." (Joshua 24:15)

It's a decision we must make each day. If we make NO choice, the system goes into the natural, default mode,... the flesh takes over and without even choosing,... you have chosen: You have chosen that your flesh will lead you where IT chooses to go that day!

It's a DAILY decision! It's a choice! God gives you that choice each day! I have changed my DEFAULT setting! My New setting if FOR GOD! I have found it's a WHOLE LOT easier to start the day and to live all day, walking with the Spirit, if I start each day with that prayer!

It's something we NEED to do each day. If you have DONE THE EXCHANGE,... made the exchange with Jesus (exchanged YOUR life for HIS life) it's a whole lot easier to live for Him, because it's not ME "trying to live for Him"... it's HIM living out His will in my body!

My body is His! I have given my body to Him,... and I give myself, body, mind and spirit to Him each day! He gave HIS life for ME, so I give MY life to HIM each day!

He has promised to BE my strength. He's promised to BE my Life! He will,... if I give Him my life each day! He is a gracious and patient Lord. He does NOT just "take over control" each day, He waits for me to YIELD,... to GIVE IN to His control each day!

I still have to sit down and eat, I still have to pick up and use my shaver,... I still have to brush my teeth,... but, He guides my thoughts,... He helps me to stay focused on HIM,... He whispers in my ear, "I love you"... "I am here to help you"... "I won't fail you"... "I can help you with that,... if you want me to."

I just stay close to Him. That's what is known as "walking with Him." He's right next to you! He's even closer then that,... He's right there, inside of you,... He's in there to empower you, to suggest actions, to put words into your mouth, to put insights into your mind!

You can choose to give into the flesh,... or You can choose to give in to the Spirit! The choice is ours, each day. God hopes we yield to Him,... and satan hopes we yield to him. Go to God. Give in to God each day. It gets easier as you continue to yield to God! The default goes immediately to God! It gets easier and easier!

It's creating a habit! It takes time, but, it really does get easier and easier. Before long, you just naturally get up thinking about God and thanking Him, and talking to Him, as you go about the day! Your thoughts naturally go to Him and to singing Praises to His Name,... and to sending up prayers,... and to thinking on verses!

It really does get easier and easier, the more you do it!

Gary Christensen,
Lay Minister

Gary has been writing Christian articles and preaching God's word since March 27, 1966! He's completely devoted his life to God, in fact just the past April 2005! He just wants to Glorify God with his life, actions and words.

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