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God Answered
By Rey Balaoing

O weary heart I wake with thee,
Another day of wait and see.
A day of pain is just ahead,
And so my friend, I'm good as dead.

Last night I prayed, "Jesus take me",
"Why prolong this life of agony."
And so I slept thinking of my end,
But then I woke at five plus ten.

"O Lord have you heard my prayer last night?
Why won't You make this one request right?
The storms of life, too strong to handle",
I said to Him, as I started my grumble.

No answers, no sound, and darkness abound,
And so I thought that He's nowhere around.
And then again my heart grew weary,
My body's so weak and my eyes got teary.

As I started to rise from this old bed 'o mine,
My heart heard the voice my ears longed to find.
"O Lord at last have You come to my rescue?
Have you received my prayers all addressed to You?"

"Lord my prayers all these years of my life,
Why have You turned deaf even to my wife?
Tears of worries, anxieties and anger,
Kept haunting this child even in my slumber".

"I know you've forgiven my sins too many,
But why these worries continue to taunt me?
Your Words I've read and continue to hear,
But a hard life continues followed by fear".

"My God, my God, why have You forsaken me?
I cried to you as You did back in Calvary.
Why evil flourish and enjoy life to the fulles
t, While the righteous and kind suffer the gravest".

As I continue to cry and ask the Lord why,
Finally He answered and said his mighty reply.
"My son, my child I am with you always.
Even when you thought I left you in your ways".

"I've heard all prayers and tears that flowed,
I was there to comfort you even when it snowed.
And so My child, trust in Me when I say,
Be strong and courageous help is on the way."

"You might not feel my presence all the time,
But I never left you not even when you crime.
So be still My child cast your cares upon me,
I'll give you peace even when you wrong me".

"Evil men don't prosper even as you think,
For their wealth disappear as quickly as they blink.
My plan is to prosper and not to harm you,
Your hearts desire I give, that My son is true".

"This day you receive your double anointing,
Prosperity and health and a flood of blessing.
Don't fret my child and wipe your tears dry,
This day you'll see My glory in the sky".

And so started a new strength inside me,
For this is the day I will see His glory.
As the sun gave it's light brightly at midday,
His Word is true as quickly as I say.

O my Savior, praise Your Holy name,
My life You have saved surely when You came.
Now these blessings clearly overtake me,
Jesus my Lord, why have I doubted Thee?

The Lord is mighty and true to His Word,
My prayers He answered more than what He heard.
Nations clearly see His glorious light in me,
O how awesome and great loving is He.

Copyright Rey Balaoing.

(The poem is available to general media, publications and webmasters under condition that the author's name and the link to will be provided under the poem.)


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