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Oh How I Love The Oh' God
By Victoria Ring

Oh how I love thee oh' God
Creator of the Universe
Just one word spoken from your lips
And molecules come together to form your creation.
Your power is above my knowledge to comprehend.

You are the God above all gods. The King of kings.
The Lord of lords.
The highest power in existence. The creator - Jesus Christ.
All of your creation from animals to trees to the smallest atom obey your laws without question.

Only your human creation does not obey your voice.
That's because out of supreme love you gave humans a free will; to choose between loving you or rejecting you.

I thank thee oh' Lord for giving me a heart that loves you.
I thank thee for blessing me while I live in this time.
Without you I could not exist.
You are the source of my joy and my happiness.

You bring me peace and comfort at all times.
You listen to my problems, correct me when I am wrong.
And all I had to do was love you.

I look forward to the day oh' God,
When you place my spirit inside an eternal body.
A body that will never die, never cry and never feel pain.
That body will be able to kneel at your feet and worship you in the manner that you deserve.
Because God - you deserve all the praise and glory.


Copyright Victoria Ring.

(The poem is available to general media, publications and webmasters under condition that the author's name and the link to will be provided under the poem.)


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