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The Dream
By Elder Melvin L. Maughmer, Jr.

As I slept in my bed one night I dreamed a dream of heavenly light. Toward the pearly gates I came when suddenly like the sound of thunder I heard the call of my name. It was the Lord our God saying unto me, come hither thereís something I ant you to see.

He showed me people of this day and said listen to the words they say. Words of selfishness and pride brought a tear to our Lords eye. With sadness in His voice He said you see they donít even think about me. They hustle to obtain fortune and fame never once ever acknowledging my name.

As I struggled in the night He showed to me another sight and in this vision I did see people suffering in agony. When I turned to ask God why all He did was shake His head and sigh. Then back in time we when to truly a miraculous event. God said to me look and see thatís my Son upon that tree. With a gleam in His eye said thatís the meaning of selfless pride. I gave my Son out of love, truly my only begotten one, so all the world would see how much I care for thee, but upon my blessing they did frown, yet a comforter I did send down. My peace I gave to thee to last for all eternity, yet in me they would not trust eventhough I made them from the dust. Then through the process of time they said the mention of my name was a crime.

So with tears in my eyes I turned to God and said what can I do Iím just a man. He said to me five words that changed my life tremendously, "I NEED YOU TO STAND". When they try to write me out stand up and begin to shout letting them know Iím what itís all about.

Copyright © Elder Melvin L. Maughmer, Jr.

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