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The Anointing
By Elder Melvin L. Maughmer, Jr

The Anointing does not come in front of the masses, but is placed upon you in the secret closet. The Anointing is the ultimate answer to countless prayers. The Anointing is the exaltation of the Holy Ghost upon those that were abased.

The Anointing impregnates, rejuvenates, separates, and consecrates. The Anointing soothes, caresses, and eases pain away. The Anointing supports, illuminates, enriches, and empowers. The Anointing will make you weep like a child, yet cause you to live like a giant.

The Anointing is not a practiced talent, nor a gift of intelligence. It is not predicated on social status, economical stability, or genealogical pedigree. No eloquence can woo it, no market can sell, no manufacture can produce it, and no preacher can bestow it. The Anointing is a gift of God. It is the knighthood given to those that are willing to stand on the battlefield and hold up the blood stained banner for the Lord.

Eloquence is impressive, prestige is persuasive, and thought ignites inspiration, but it is only the Anointing that is able to break the yoke of sin, to win the harden heart to God, and to set at liberty those that are bruised.

The Anointing is the distinguishing characteristic that separates the true unadulterated gospel and the preacher/pastor from all other forms of perpetrated truth.

The Anointing is given solely by the hands of God to empower you to effectively minister to the whole man, the mind, body, and soul. The Anointing empowers you to be able to lead people from the wilderness of sin into the heavenly promise land.

The Anointing is not an unconditional gift, but is contingent upon obedience to God. It is perpetuated by the very process in which it was obtained, through countless prayers in the secret closets of your life. It is motivated by the desire not to impress man, but to embrace God.

The Anointing is moving from the level of expecting God to the realm of experiencing God. The Anointing is God's favor upon those that are willing to forsake the glamour and fame of the world and with tireless adoration seek the face of God.

Thank you for the anointing in your life.

Copyright Elder Melvin L. Maughmer, Jr, Assistant Pastor, O.G.C.O.G.I.C., Boanerge Ministries

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