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The Will Within The Woman
By Dr. B.J. Relefourd

As I share the fullness of the will within each woman, I would ask that you read this as your personal examination. This should be a time where you reflect upon your dreams, wishes, failures, as well as your successes.

Find within your total being, the will to be you. Unfortunately many of us have taken the role of masking. This role may have been placed upon us knowingly or unknowingly. While we as women are nurturers in the most awesome sense of the word. We also allow ourselves to nurture the behavior patterns of others. Society has placed a vivid portrait of what success looks like, and what failure looks like. This may not be the true value of success or failure, but its there, and we view it.

Totally believing in yourself comes from within, it is the well of will, that was placed in you before you were born. It is the depth of your spirit, it is the fountain of your wealth. I boldly use the term totally, because the total meaning of executing your will, does not leave room for the negative influences to abide within you. When you give your will to yourself, that means you make the decisions, not your environment, you make the choices, not your peers, you determine your growth by the stimulation of your mind.

Every day as a woman, take a moment to affirm your will. You may ask how? I would answer simply by applying the gift within you to the best of your ability to each task you encounter. You may apply your will, when you feel your weight is at its best, and others may disagree. You may apply your will, when you decide to take that extra college course, when everyone around you feel you are stretching yourself to thin. You may apply your will, when you make decisions concerning your financial status, and everyone else is maxing out their credit card. Affirm that you are a winner, you are more than a conqueror and take the challenge given to each of us daily; and that challenge is to be the best that we can be.

Release for many of you, will be your ability to understand how your will was broken. Your will may have been broken by abusive relationships, your will may have been broken by substance abuse. It may also be the case that your will was broken by you simply not believing in yourself. It is now the season to begin the building process, a broken or bruised will can and will heal. Our Lord and Savior says, "By His Stripes, we are healed." and this is to say by the wounds that he suffered, He shall deliver healing to you. As you walk into your new found will, take all the lessons learned, take all the wounds felt, all of the afflictions which you carried, and use them as building blocks to build the strong woman, that you are. This is your opportunity to allow the words of scripture to become healing balm, to you personally. So by being ridiculed as a child, you were wounded, so now you build your will by mentoring a child, who is suffering in the area you suffered. You may have been abused, take your will and speak life into someone who has been abused and feels there is no hope. There may have been dysfunction in your family, build a bridge of hope for someone else's family by demonstrating love. The will of a woman is so strong, we carry and we care, so I ask of you, AFTER you have taken this self examination, will your carry your will to the end, so that by your care another woman shall be healed.

Copyright Dr. B.J. Relefourd, Pastor, Vision Of Life Ministries, Inc., Lawrenceville, GA 30045,

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* All scriptures from New International Version of Bible


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