Paul Murphy Books. Christian Books Writing History by Paul Murphy. Christian Book Writer - Author Paul Murphy.
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Paul Murphy Books. Christian Books Writing History by Paul Murphy. Christian Book Writer - Author Paul Murphy.
Paul's Books Writing History

Christian Book Writer Paul Murphy Mr. Murphy first began to write in the Christian genre with his novel The 13th Apostle, which, according to him, was going to be his only work.

From 1979, during which he penned the title The 13th Disciple, and wrote and copywrited the outline, it took almost twenty-two years to bring this labor of love to fruition, the actual writing accomplished after he retired in 1995. Thus, with such a lengthy time commitment, Mr. Murphy decided he was not endowed with the expertise to write another book in excess of three hundred pages.

Six months after completing The 13th Apostle, he was watching a program on PBS about the inspiring story of the concert violinist, Martha Curtis, who suffered with epilepsy. Curtis, at times, suffered grand mal seizures during her performances. The story pointed out that she had few options to control the seizures until she heard of a radical surgery performed by a brain surgeon in Rising Sun, Ohio, who froze the part of the brain associated with epilepsy and sliced away thin sections to eliminate the seizures, or at least to bring them under control. After explaining to her
interviewer that she had to have the surgery three times before they determined the procedure was successful so that she could perform, her interviewer stated that she must have a strong circle of supportive friends and family to help her endure such trauma. Curtis replied that was probably true, but in all honesty she spent a lot of time in the mirror, because that person in there was the only one who truly understood the ordeal she was going through.

At that point Murphy picked up a pen and piece of paper and wrote the words "time in the mirror" and his second book was born. He had no idea what he was going to do with it, but the seed was planted which eventually turned into a murder mystery. In all honesty Murphy feels that he did not do justice to the title or Curtis, but, as in many cases, the theme started and he followed.

Later, while still writing Time in the Mirror, recollection of a childhood allergic reaction spawned the premise for murder in Golden Rule Days.

Having two medical doctor brothers, a neuropsychologist sister-in-law and several psychologist and psychiatrist friends, Mr. Murphy enjoys blending their medical and psychiatric knowledge into mystery novels. He has several successful attorney friends/advisors, as well a private investigator friend who owns his own intelligence firm. He couples their legal expertise and investigative practices to not only defend those who are not the actual killers, but to find the actual culprit with endings that hold the readers attention.


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